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Boiler Replacement London

We ensure your new boiler installation is carried to a high standard see our system conversion below. So what’s to know about a Boiler replacement? There are options a straight swap, like for like installation, some place same type boiler. What boilers are there? All boilers now must be condensing boiler or high efficiency boiler A rated. There are 3 main types conventional or (Heat only boiler), System boilers or combi boiler (combination boiler).

As a result Combination or combi boilers are now the most popular choice of boiler in the UK.

There are several benefits of having a combination Boiler replacement. Their compact size is a particularly attractive feature. By using a combi boiler you will not need a bulky tank or cylinder to feed your homes hot water. Most systems also come with minimal piping, so if you need a new boiler replacement it will be relatively straightforward.
Combi boilers also use water that feeds directly from the mains. This means that hot water is always available on-demand and water pressure remains high even after extended periods of heavy use.

The benefits of a combi boiler

Combi boilers also use water that feeds directly from the mains. Therefore hot water is always available on-demand and water pressure remains high, if mains water is high.
In comparison to conventional boilers, combination boilers have some small disadvantages. For homes with more than one bathroom, a slight decline in water pressure may be experienced if more than one appliance is using the boiler at any one time.

Therefore to avoid this, try to minimise the strain on your boiler and avoid using several different appliances at the same time. Consequently some combi boilers are better than others at adjusting water pressure. As a result larger models will be better at combating any decline in performance due to strain on the system.


See what Heat firm ltd can do for you

Old floor standing conversional boiler removed
Boiler replacement

Location of new combi boiler
Boiler replacement

New Vaillant combi boiler replacement with an 8 year warranty installed
Boiler replacement

Old boiler flue before brick up.
Boiler replacement

New boilers flue location at terracotta vent
Boiler replacement

Hot water vessel taking up space pre-existing
Boiler replacement

Hot water vessel removed
Boiler replacement

Hard wired time switch removed
Boiler replacement

New digital programmable wireless room stat replacing old time switch relocated to hall
Boiler replacement

With our 50 Gas Safe registered engineers contracting for us. In conclusion Heat firm ltd can offer you high quality services which throughout London, see our reviews here.Trust A Trader call us today new boilers installed from £1299.00. Get your new boiler installed before winter gets really cold and void delays due to demand.

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