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Heating Contractor from Dulwich, serving London and Greaterb

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Boiler Replacement London

We ensure your new boiler installation is carried to a high standard see our system conversion below. So what’s to know about a Boiler replacement? There are options a straight swap, like for like installation, some place same type boiler. […]

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Heat firm for boiler cover?

Our commitment to affordability will not effect our quality of service, our services come with quality guaranteed. We don’t charge call-out fees for our customers and we offer a range of different cover care plans to suit all needs.
We strive […]

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Hive thermostat on your mobile phone

As you may know hive active heating is a thermostat that you can control with your mobile phone.

In some cases you may not want to control your heating from your mobile phone. The video above shows you how to switch […]

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Heating Care

As a home owner or Landlord you should know the importance of looking after your heating system. An important question keeps popping up every time I’m out to services a boiler, and that is; How can I keep my radiators […]

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