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Ferroli Boiler Insurance Options

You rely on your boiler almost every day, whether you want to heat your home or use hot water. This means that you expect it to work when you need it. It seems quite a simple request but it does not […]

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FESTIVE FIRE WARNING: More gas-related fires in households with gas appliances take place on Christmas day than any other day of the year. 12 million people could be living with dangerous gas appliances
1st December 2016

Christmas is the most dangerous time of […]

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Hive thermostat on your mobile phone

As you may know hive active heating is a thermostat that you can control with your mobile phone.

In some cases you may not want to control your heating from your mobile phone. The video above shows you how to switch […]

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Heating Care

As a home owner or Landlord you should know the importance of looking after your heating system. An important question keeps popping up every time I’m out to services a boiler, and that is; How can I keep my radiators […]

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Plumbing care

If you live in London you are based in a hard water area. This means your house hold appliance will be suffering from a scale build up…The hydroflo is a scale reducer that whilst reduces scale coming in from your mains […]

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