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Landlord Gas Safety Report


Landlord Gas Safety Report

You book your landlords gas safety report here today for your first to gas appliance. Any other gas appliance that should be checked can be paid for via the Pay Now link at the top of the website.



As a landlord, you’re responsible for the safety of your tenants. As a result you should ensure all of the gas appliances in your properties are safe to use. The gas appliances must work correctly and should be safe guarded against the dangers of Carbon monoxide. The Landlord certificate is the Landlord Gas Safety Report, many people like to abbreviate it’s name. When you rent your property to a tenant you are legally required to ensure a Landlord gas safety report is carried out.

By having a Landlord Gas Safety Report (CP12)Carried out you can ensure the above. The report will list any Immediately Dangerous or At Risk faults. If any faults are found, rectification advise or works can be given and carried out. By doing this you can ensure the Safety of your tenants. Landlord Certificates are completed online from by an engineer. The Engineers have an app that links to your calendar, so you can receive and sign your cp12 from your mobile phone. Customers can buy this service by registering online, and then subscribing for the service from here.

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First of all you need an account you can get one here. A member of stuff checks all our registered customers. The manager informs his engineers about about a job local to them. As a result the manage can source you a local engineer. In conclusion you will have an engineer with in a 5 mile radius of your property. While on this site you my find useful safety information here about C0 detectors. Do you know for new tenants, it is a requirement to ensure they have a Carbon monoxide detector in the property?

What does the Landlord Certificate cost?

A boiler consists of a number of parts and they can fail at any time. This will leave your boiler useless but it could also render it dangerous. A faulty boiler could lead carbon monoxide poisoning or it could lead to a fire. Therefore, it is imperative that you care for your boiler.
What Can Heat Firm Offer?
At Heat Firm we will care for your boiler and carry out all necessary repair and maintenance work. We are gas safety registered and that means we can guarantee its safety every time. Our boiler service comes at around £74 per year and that is a small price to pay for a healthy, safe boiler.

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