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Landlords Gas safety report

Be safe have your Landlords gas safety report done every year.

Landlords are required to provide a secure living environment for tenants. This includes checking that all gas in the home is completely safe and poses no danger to those who are using it. It is recommended that every landlord commissions a Landlord gas safety report inspection every twelve months in order to keep on top of things and in line with legal regulations, and this gas safety report is something the professionals at Heat Firm can provide.

What is a Landlords Gas Safety Report?

A landlord’s gas safety report covers every aspect of gas in the home such as:

● Checking all gas operated appliances are free of any gas leaks.
● Checking to ensure there is sufficient ventilation in the home.
● Checking flue flow and flame failure devices.
● Checking for general wear, tear and stability of the gas operated appliances.
● … and more.

Your Landlords Gas Safety Report

If you are a landlord it is important to have proof of a safe and secure property, and gaining a gas safety report is ideal for this. At Heat Firm we provide you with an experienced and trained gas safety professional to carry out all the necessary checks. As every property is different we tailor our checks to you and leave you safe in the knowledge that everything has been taken care of.

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