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Generally speaking we charge £74.47 per hour. When you have an account with us, you will get a discount of up to 16% with a minimum charge of £72.47 for the first hour and £60.84 per hour thereafter.

You can rest assured there is no call out fees, we are fully City and Guilds qualified and Gas safe registeredWe are fully insured and when you have an account you get a full report online. Benefit from our fixed cost price for a simple plumbing repair a simple heating repair or a simple gas safety check. Your payments are secure; all of our transactions are carried out through paypal.


Estimated cost when you use plumber beckenham for your Plumbing

Service descriptionEstimated required             Estimated cost
kitchen tap Replacement1-2 hours£60-120
Bath tap Replacement1-3 hours£60-217.41
Fix toilet flush1-2 hours£60-120
Shower pump installation1-3 hours£60-217.41
Hot water Vessel service1 hours£60-72.47
Hot water Vessel installation3-6 hours£217.434.82
Garden tap installation1-3 hours£60-217.41


Estimated cost when you use Plumber Beckenham for your Heating

Service descriptionEstimated required             Estimated cost
Annual boiler service1-2 hours£60-£120
Boiler repair1-2 hours£60-£144.94
Boiler replacement5-10 hours£1299-4500
Radiator installation1-3 hours£60-£217.41
Central heating power flush3-9 hours£415.00 up to 7 Rads
Programmer/ Room thermostat install1-2 hours£60-£144.94
Landlords gas certificatePlumber beckenham gas safety certificate1 hours£60-72.47 per app

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