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Heating Contractor

A Heating Contractor you can trust

Our Heating Contractor work to repair and install all your heating equipment with all work guaranteed. Our domestic gas engineer or Heating Contractors checks most of the Heating system on a boiler service. It is essential a boiler service is carried out every year to make sure it is safe and efficient. Furthermore many domestic heating and gas companies such as British Gas advise on CO detectors. When we carry out your boiler service we also check your Carbon-monoxide detector is working and in date.

Heating Contractor Dulwich London


Heating contracts with payment plans

We offer full system cover and safety checks for your homes and properties. Hence you will find Gold service and bronze cover care service to chose from.  Due to our payment plans we can also arrange a payment plan to spread the cost of a new heating systems. Your heating system must be clean for your cover to stand up as most Heating companies will tell you. However it’s not a straight forward job to keep the heating system clean.

Solution,  a powerflush will improve efficiency and protect your boiler from breaking down. A powerflush can be expense however there are alternatives. It’s noteworthy to consider having a filter such a Spiro-magna boost or a Magna-clean. Conclusion boiler and heating systems break down often due to magnetite yet boilers are repaired but system are not cleaned. Consequently boiler and heating system break down again. Maybe it time to clean the heating system,

Finally protect your Heating system by calling us today, you can find us on Bing Local

Heat firm ltd list of Heating services
• Heating systems installed -finance options available
• Central heating Breakdown
• Unvented systems• Boiler breakdown
• Vented systems• Boiler servicing
• Y-Plan systems• Combustion analysis
• S-Plan systems• Boilers installed- all types
• Power flushing/descaling• Chemical treatment
• Immersion heatersti• Steam build-ups in
cupboards restored.
• Hotwater vessels• Heating systems controls
• Radiators moved and installed• Thermostatic radiator valves
• Heating system upgrades• Systems insured and serviced
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