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Check your Magna clean

Another good reason to have your boiler serviced

When we service your boiler, we can also check and clean your magna clean or magnetic filter system. This will protect your boiler from the dreaded sludge. The idea behind the Magna clean is brilliantly simple. As water flows through your heating system pipes, radiators and your boiler etc, it picks up small amounts of magnate. Magnate is small particles of metal and debris in your heating system. The Magna clean contains a magnet. As water flows back from the heating system it picks up the magnet. During this process the magnate sticks to the magnet. Therefore doesn’t continue to flow through your heating system, which can cause sludge that is corrosive. This also protects the boilers heat exchanger, pump, diverter valves etc and  stops the water ways from furring up further impairing the performance of your boiler.


See the magnate

Cleaned magna clean
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