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Grease and Fat Can Cause a Blockage

Waste. We all have a huge amount of waste to get rid of these days but one form of waste that we rarely consider is Grease and Fat. Many people choose not to put grease or fat waste into their bins and so they decide to flush it down the sink. This can cause a major blockage in your drainage system.

Grease and fat can cause your drainage system to become blocked which can lead to your drain backing up. Once a blockage forms and we have heavy rain or you use your washing machine, you will hit problems. You could have water flowing out of your drain and rain pipes and even back up into your home.

So, where does the grease and fat originate from? Think about all the pots and pans that you wash. Also consider the oil based products used in the shower or bath. All of these deposit small amounts of fat into the drainage system. In fact, there are some people who will pour away the oil from a deep fat fryer down the sink.

The fat and grease has to work its way through the trap and into the drainage system. However, in the trap and drain there is cold water. When this meets the warm oil and fat it causes it to solidify. Once it solidifies it can become as hard as cement once mixed with silt and other forms of debris.

Dealing With a Blockage

If you do have a problem, there are some products that you can purchase. They work by breaking down the fat and you can also use some home remedies. These include boiling water, baking soda and even coke. However, it is important to understand that these may only work if there is a partial blockage. If the blockage still hasn’t moved then you can purchase drain rods which can help deal with the problem. It is worth trying these methods before anything else.

Chemicals are available but it is important to remember to handle them with caution. Although, they are only good at dealing with blockages close by. If the blockage is further down the pipework then they will not work. It is possible for blockages to be found as far as 10 metres away or sometimes more and this is where the services of a professional will be required.

Grease and Fat Can Cause a Blockage

So, if you have done all you can to remove the blockage with very little success, give Heat Firm a call. We will be able to identify the problem and deal with it professionally and efficiently.

However, it crucial to understand that you can prevent a blockage from occurring. This can be achieved by limiting what goes down the drain. This will mean that you should put as much food in the bin as possible prior to washing. You should also use products that contain none or very little oil when showering or bathing.

If your drain is blocked and causing you problems, get in touch with Heat Firm today find us on Google local.


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