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Central Heating Pumps

A central heating system will consist of a number of different parts, all of which work together to deliver heating and warm water to your home.

The Central heating pump plays a vital role when it comes to pumping water around the heating system. It works by pumping the hot water from the boiler to the radiator and back to the boiler. The average size of a water pump is around six inches.

A Failed Central Heating Pump

On the whole, replacing a heating pump is a relatively simple task. Known also as a circulating pump, if it does fail, the situation could become critical. This highlights the need to call on the boiler repairs service of Heat Firm. A heating pump can have its problems and it can go out of order. There are a number of reasons for this such as it running with no lubrication. It is also possible for sludge to build up in the system that can cause the system to fail.

Central Heating Pumps

Electrical Faults

Just like many other heating parts, it is possible that other faults can cause problems. This could require emergency plumbing London. Therefore, before replacing the pump, it is wise to check for electrical faults.

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Start by allowing the pump to cool down, and then turn off the electrical supply before removing any covers. When checking the wiring, ensure that the fuses remain connected to the circuit. If any have blown replace them. Checking for loose connections could lead to the identification of a problem. There should be a connection between the wires and the terminals within the pump. It is also important that there is good contact within the whole network of wires to ensure that they are securely connected. To check, it is possible to remove the wires.

Common Problems

  • If the housing of the pump is hot then it could need replacing.
  • A hammering sound that is created by the pump will require checking. Ensure that there is nothing loose.
  • The pump heats some radiators; if this is the case then it is likely to need replacing.

If you suspect that your heating pump is faulty or your system is not working as it usually does, give Heat Firm a call. Boiler repairs and part replacement is all part of the reputable and reliable service that is delivered by Heat Firm.

If your pumps have stopped causing you problems, get in touch with Heat Firm today find us on Google local.


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